All that I can say is that this weekend was one of the greatest weekends in MMO history for me.  It has been so long since I have felt pure elation while exploring a new mmo world.  Final Fantasy XIV ARR has brought that feeling back to me.  Not since my first days in Everquest have I felt a true sense of adventure, fear, challenge and so many other great feelings while exploring a new game.  I can already see that FFXIV will be a game near and dear to my heart for years to come.  First thing I want to talk about is the graphics, WOW the graphics are amazing.  I have never, I mean never enjoyed a game graphically as much as I did this beta weekend in FFXIV.  The team at Square Enix really put their foot in this one.  Masterpiece.  Gameplay and combat was spot on, I enjoyed every swing of every sword, polearm, ever spell cast.  I was utterly blown away by the combat animations as well.  Another thing to note is that during this beta I did not crash, lag, stutter, nothing.  FFXIV is just so polished that it feels like it should just be launched today.  I ended my adventure at level 17 when the beta for the weekend ended.  That being said I had a blast in even all of the lower level dungeons.  They were such a challenge, and I felt these challenges were appropriate for every level that I encountered them.  I loved it.  I think by that FFXIV was definitely well worth the two years wait from its former version 1.0 and major I mean MAJOR improvements were made almost to the point that you can call it a new game.  Thanks to this game my social live will be over.  FFXIV is truly art in motion and I feel privileged to be around to experience this moment in MMO gaming history.

FFXIV SteelcatMy GladiatorSteelcat 1


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